New Home Communities in Estero Florida

New Home Communities in Estero Florida

There are a variety of questions when I council people regarding New Home Communities in Estero Florida. One of the most common questions that is, “Should I have my own buyer’s agent when there is already an agent on site?”  During my Real Estate career, I spent 12 years in New Home Construction Sales and sales management.  My advice is that it is a very good idea that they have a professional and qualified real estate buyer’s agent represents them.   Home builder’s greatest allies are the Realtors and Real Estate companies in their particular area.  Some customers may feel that when they are looking at New Home Communities that they will get a better price if they do not bring in a buyer’s agent.  This is simply not true.  At least it is not true when you are dealing with your more reputable builders.  They understand that it is not a long term benefit to the company.  If they were to provide better pricing to customers who did not bring an agent, then they would adversely affect the relationships with the Real Estate community.  The lowest cost of obtaining customers is repeat and referral business.  In the arena of New Home Construction, Realtors are the greatest source of repeat and referral business.


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During my years with one of the Nation’s Top Home Builders, our goal was to have at least 50 % of our business involve a Buyer’s Agent. From a profit margin stand point, we factored 1.35% was allocated to realtor Co-op over the entire marketing budget.  Beyond the thought process of the Home builder’s perspective regarding the importance of a Buyer’s agent, please note some reasons why you, the customer, would want to hire a buyer’s agent when looking for a New Home.

  1. An advocate who’s prime interest is your best interest in the transaction.
  2. An experienced real estate professional who knows the area and reputation of the New Home Community that is of interest to you.
  3. Try to find a Buyer’s agent who once worked for a new home builder. This way you know that they have specialized experience in the area of New Home Communities.
  4. A buyer’s agent will follow the progress of the construction of your home in its various phases.  He or she will assist in with the key phases of production. This includes such phases as the pre-construction meeting, pre drywall meeting, final walk through orientation, and any other necessary meetings with the builder.
  5. A good buyer’s agent will photograph and provide you with pictures during the construction of your home.  This is extremely important for home buyers who happen to live outside of the area.

These are a few of the benefits of why it is in your best interest to have a Buyer’s agent represent your New Home purchase.  It also provides with you with information that the New Home Builder is eager to work closely with you and your buyer’s agent.  For further information, please feel free to reach out to me at .

New home communities in Estero FL

  • Coconut Shores Estero
  • Bella Lago Estero
  • Cascades at Estero
  • Barletta Estero
  • Hammock Greens Estero
  • Indigo Shores Estero
  • Fairway Bend Village Estero
  • Lakeside Estero
  • Banyan Cove Estero
  • Colonial Oaks Estero
  • Quarterdeck Cove Estero
  • Grande Estates Estero
  • Cinnamon Ridge Estero
  • Fountain Lakes Estero

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